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Highway casino blackjack is a card game for intellectual players who like to test their luck. Over the years, the game has experienced ups and downs. Highway casino is a new and modern casino that has already made a name for itself thanks to its accessibility, simplicity, and various games. 

On this site, you'll be able to find a blackjack game and enjoy an incredible gaming experience. Our article was created to introduce players to the blackjack game that can be played at HighWay casino.

Blackjack rules

The rules of the card game Highway casino blackjack rules are elementary. You should read them once and remember them very well. The aim of the game is that you need to score several points, or, instead, 21 points. To gain it, the player needs to learn the rules of the game itself:

  • understand the rules of the house;
  • understand all the nuances of insurance, change, and doubling splits;
  • learn what card counting means. 
Highway casino blackjack

 Always familiarize yourself entirely with the game and its rules before you start. To do insurance, you should not be in a hurry. As players, we advise making insurance only if you have blackjack. When doubling, the customer only gets one card. Never double if the dealer has an ace or a picture. Only if you have 11 can you do the doubling. 

No, you don't calculate the value of all the cards in play. Some players count the deck or how many aces, tens, and pictures are left in play. If any of those cards are left in play, they raise their bets, knowing that the odds of putting together a good hand are higher. 

Basic Blackjack Strategy

The basic winning strategy in online blackjack at Highway casino is to always say enough on a hard 17 or higher and never say enough on a soft 17. You can double a soft hand ace plus two against 5 - 6. We'll give you a couple of tips on how to get a win in a game of blackjack at Highway casino:

  • stand at 17 or more;
  • learn the basic strategy of playing blackjack;
  • double up on 11.

Staying standing at 17 is a great way to pick up a win for yourself since most dealers can't finish when they have 17, so it makes sense. Learn primary Highway casino online blackjack strategy. It depends on the rules of the particular establishment, but as a rule of thumb, this strategy reduces the casino's edge to 0.36 percent. 

Casino blackjack

Blackjack free and Real money

Highway casino blackjack bonus is a popular online game. Like all gambling games, the blackjack game can be played for free. This is a huge plus for players who are only willing and interested in the game. To get their bonuses, players should meet a couple of conditions. This is registering on Highway casino blackjack free or taking part from the casino in various tournaments and contests. Their players can get a lot of different bonuses, for example:

  • free money;
  • bonus games;
  • bonus codes. 

With the received prizes, the player automatically gets free play without depositing their money in the account. Also, the player can play Highway casino blackjack real money by applying for the bonus money. Bonus codes in the blackjack are the same opportunity to play the game for free while winning real money. One nuance of all bonuses is that you cannot withdraw your money until you play them yourself.

Live Dealer Online Blackjack

In the past, visitors had to go to dark, old casino rooms, where live people or dealers played the game to play the table game of blackjack. At the same time, online blackjack is the same game from a mobile or another device via live streaming. 

The big difference is that play blackjack at Highway casino is more convenient and comfortable. Players do not need to go anywhere from home and quietly enjoy the game, even lying on the couch. Also, a huge plus is the choice of games and betting options more than in land-based casinos. 

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We often encounter similar questions from our users. That's why we've compiled and answered the most popular questions ourselves.

What is insurance in Blackjack?

Insurance in blackjack is a type of side bet the player can make if the dealer's face card is an ace. It pays out 2-1 if the dealer has blackjack and covers half of the player's original bet. Highway Casino offers a fun and safe gaming experience with exciting blackjack game features.

How do I double my bet in the game?

At Highway casino blackjack, you can double your bet by placing another bet equal to your original one after the first two cards are dealt. This option is usually only offered if the dealer's high card is low. While doubling your bet can increase your potential winnings, it also carries additional risk.

What is the difference between playing at land-based and online casinos with a live dealer?

Playing in a land-based casino involves physically being in the casino and interacting with the dealers and other players. Playing in an online casino with a live dealer involves playing with a live dealer through streaming video technology. 

The main difference is the convenience and atmosphere of playing in a physical casino compared to the convenience and comfort of playing online. In addition, online casinos often offer a more comprehensive selection of games and betting options.

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